Dean Sunshine Smith

Dean Sunshine Smith is what you would call a DJ’s DJ... a man who truly understands music and one of the UK’s most respected underground DJ’s and producers. He has been a frontline DJ sharing the more eclectic and soulful side of dance music for over a quarter of a century.

Justin Robertson

The term legend is often banded about far too easily, but in this case, it is entirely accurate! Justin Robertson is a producer and DJ, who brings with him a rich history as one of the creators of the Electronic Music scene, as well as a restless need to keep pushing forward, as a result he remains one of the most relevant and exciting Dj/Producers around, as a whole new generation of electronic enthusiasts will sweatily testify.

Danny Krivit

Growing up in the 1960s, Danny was surrounded by music. His mother was an accomplished jazz singer and his father was the manager of legendary jazz trumpeter Chet Baker before going on to open up “The Ninth Circle”, a Village hot spot, where Danny met some of the most influential people in the music scene; Janis Joplin, Jimi Hendrix, Charlie Mingus, John Lennon & Yoko Ono, etc. By 1970, Danny was already a vinyl junkie & an amateur DJ, But DJ'ing as a profession wasn't fully realized until 1971.


LukadeLux aka Luka Boras is from Zagreb, his dad was "blues man" and mom was a "soul woman". While his classmates were listening to rap and hip-hop, he was in his blues, jazz, funk and soul world. Years after when everybody was hooked on techno sound, Luka discovered a house sound. He by himself describes his style as a mix of house, disco, deep disco, deep house, dark afro beat, Balearic, and other variations.

Agregat Sun

On the cold winter days, the Agregat Sun is heating the things up at Fooling Around. What to expect from his deep and oriental bits? Aesthetic, tribal, ethnic, afro, orient, deep, astral, electronic, psychedelic, tropical, shamanic & organic beats, come and find it our yourself.


He DJ career starts on 2001 at the legendary Contrapunkt evenings at the Zagreb Club Aquarius with Eddy Ramich, Dus, Alen S and Jan Valdevit members of Contrapunkt Collective. Currently resident DJ at The Garden Brewery fosters the musical style of Acid Jazz, Afro Funk, Brasil, Soul, Disco ....

AD Perina

Antonio Perina is a young Croatian musician, songwriter and multi-instrumentalist. He has been writing, composing and performing since he was 9. He has three official singles in collaboration with the label "Croatia Records". He is the winner of the national "Imagine Festival" that was held in Maastricht where he represented Croatia.

Antonio Zuza

Antonio Zuza is a Croatian DJ that runs Imogen Recordings with DJ Ilija Rudman, his great friend in crime who helped him to make a record with his band Bubbin’ Dub back in 2010. They ended up with a tune on House Sound Recordings’ compilation beside names such as Virgo Four, Andy Ash, Mat Chiavaroli and that is exactly where this great Imogen story starts.


In 2007, Carlito won the national music award Zlatna Koogla, in the category of DJ of the year and over the years, he played music together with the world’s best hip hop artists, such as DJ Jazzy Jeff, DJ Premier, Redman, De La Soul, 50 Cent, Rza, Snoop Dogg, KRS One, Asap Rocky and many others. He worked with companies such as Coca Cola, American Express, Dolce & Gabbana, T-Mobile, Wrigleys, Miramax, MTV, HBO, Disney, Puma and many others.


M.I.L.E. was digging and playing music since the late nineties. Continuously playing at many different kinds of gigs: clubs, bars, festivals, restaurants, boats, museums, factories, rooftops, offices, warehouses, forest, mountain, river, beach… His music styles are openminded, a colourfull eclectic electric organic bomb of sound appropriate to the moment.

B and the Bops

After listening to the rockabilly band B and the Bops, it is hard to believe that it is a band from Zagreb. Systematic sound quality matched with canons of this specific music genre has produced the praise of publications that follow the rockabilly scene.

Vedran Gap

Vedran Gapulja (Safehouse) on the DJ scene known as Vedran Gap, comes to Fooling Around 2018 edition. Get ready for an unforgettable Balearic disco house dub night.


Space voyager riding storms above the Bermuda triangle from Slovenia, serving either late Sunday breakfast or a midnight juicy feast, discovering tasty tastes of eclectic dystopian aggregate matters of sound. Musica fantastic, always!

Queen Real Tribute

The band consists of professional musicians who played in Serbia with the famous stars. They are not only great musicians, but they are also big fans, so they started to play songs of Queen to preserve the memory of one of the greatest rock bands of all times and their singer Freddie Mercury. In summer of 2012. Queen Real Tribute played in front of more than 60.000 people at the biggest Belgrade festival.


Eduard Werft is a passionate collector of deep funk, radio host at show Stank at Radio Student and an important link in Croatian funk delegation.

Alen S.

Alen Smajic for several years entertains audiences at Christmas events, and this year he comes to Fooling Around. Apart from being a DJ, he is also the master of music at the Tala Dance Center and part of the Kontrapunkt Collectives.


Slaven Tušek aka Pips is a promoter from Osijek with an address in Zagreb, an eternal student of electrotechnics, a hedonist, a connoisseur of local drinks, official DJ for Kandžija and a member of his band Gole žene (Naked women). He is a member of Funk Delegation and a restless explorer of good funk and soul that will make you dance.

Tropilectic Stereo

The Tropilectic Stereo is a dance party on a hidden sandy beach, palm tree garden, rooftop pool and cocktail party ... with a little imagination, a soundtrack for your ideal hot summer night. Disco, funk, soul, latin, afro, reggae, Brazil & beyond, long forgotten and dust-drawn groove or sometimes simply mash up of best dance hits from old times until nowadays, you’’ just love it even in winter mood.

Big Danny Kane

With a career spanning over two decades Danny Kane’s journey through music has seen him work with some of the biggest names in the industry. A highly skilled musician, Danny is a multi-instrumentalist preferring to focus on playing the Bass and also the Piano. Danny has recently re-ignited his love for Funk & Disco and is now signed to the Nu Disco Label Midnight Riot Records.

Soul Bader

Soul Bader is part of Soul Brothers, STANK! weekly shows and is one of the leading enthusiasts of the Croatian Funk Delegation. He grew up listening to rap, and by discovering soul and funk music he found the genres that later defined him as a DJ. He is a great creator of organic sound and vinyl, and his sets are based on the less known soul and funk plates from the early 1970s and their contagious groove.

Soul Stash

This exotic quad band, at their very first concert already attracted the attention of all music lovers with their neo soul repertoire. With her baduistic vocal Melanie Malik Acorlor is leading this band. This talented team plays a carefully selected repertoire of soul, jazz, r'n'b, and heavy metal music but with their own, new approach.

Phat Phil Cooper

Not much to say that's not already been said. Phat Phil Cooper is a music man lives in the sun, collects far too many bits of vinyl. Runs labels, check, sells music on Bandcamp, hosts a show on Gilles Petersons WordwideFM, resident DJ at Potato Head, Bali. What more can you ask for?


Kado is a heavyweight DJ master with 35 years of experience. He baked his craft in Switzerland where he was taught by the best funk, disco and house DJ in Zurich. His style was most influenced by the Panther record shop in Zurich, which supplied him with all the new 12-inch vinyls that were produced in New York and swirled in the Paradise Garage. His motto is: BOOGIE DOWN TO THE GROUND.

Nik Orosi

Nik Orosi performs live shows with his original songs in three synthesizers. Expect clean electronics from ambient to deep house sound. Come to Fooling Around and take a train trip with Nik Orosi into the unknown ...

Ilija Rudman

Ilija's been leading force on the underground disco and house scene for the past 15 years, in both productions as well as a clever and eclectic disc jockey. Bringing together his love for pure analogue sound without compromises and boogie, his disco maxi singles indeed do sound like a blast from the Prelude, West End or late Salsoul past.


Zozo is a DJ with a long career that focuses on jazz/funk/disco/house music. He highly appreciates the music of Croatian and ex-Yu scene 60/70/80-is. Today he is a resident DJ of Garden Brewery.

Simon O'Keeffe

Zagreb via Cali. Simon is Irish born Head Brewer at ‪Positive‬ ‪Brewery‬. Home Brewer, music enthusiast, politically opinionated.

One Dread

It's a dynamic cover band that has been promoting reggae, ska and dancehall music for years, choosing the greatest roots of reggae and dancehall hits, with the occasional trip to the ska genre. They are fascinated with Jamaica music and performers like Bob Marley & The Wailers, Peter Tosha, Third World, Inner Circle, Black Uhur, Toots & The Maytals, Gregory Isaacs, John Holt, The Gladiators, John Clark, Steel Pulse, Max Romeo, Sophia George, Anthony B., Alborosie, Lady G. and many others.

Bobby Beige

Bobby Beige is resident DJ in Amsterdam who promotes nights such as Melting Point, with fellow resident Troy Dean where they also have a monthly slot on Redlight Radio, adopting more eclectic, warm, heartfelt sounds, which comes purely from the soul. Over the years he collected over 10,000 plus records.

Abel Nagengast

Abel Nagengast is a DJ from Amsterdam and he runs a second-hand record shop called Red Light Records with Tako Reyenga and Jamie Tiller. Their label primarily focuses on releasing compilations of music made by artists whose work they feel has a predictive or timeless quality: musicians whose work somehow contains elements of what is happening and is relevant in electronic or dance music today.


Itch aka Sanjin Kaštelan is a passionate photographer with a rare talent, eye to catch a good moment. He uses the same talent in his music. He is a part of the CFSN organization and has a long-lasting careen in the job he lives to its fullest.


Sladoled is a passionate DJ and vinyl lover. He is a member of an organization called Phonetics, and also curates the musical program of The Garden in Čakovec.

hrwo E

Lover of disco & house music, passionate vinyl collector, a graphic designer over the day and DJ by night. Collaborating in theatres on different projects, as a sound engineer and scenography designer he gained experience which he then transforms into his DJ sets to make them more interesting for the listeners. In his career he was working on several projects, the latest one is Roller Boogie night - program that includes good vibes, vinyl, disco & house music.


Rea is a radio DJ and a music reporter who plays with UK bass, hip-hop, grime, UK garage, trap, housekeeping, booty bass, baile funk, jungle, drum'n'bass and reggae.


Mirela Priselac Remi is the frontman of the band Elemental, a Croatian hip-hop band which she founded with Luka Tralić 'Shot' and Gordan Radočaj 'Ink' in 1998 in Zagreb. She is a singer, songwriter, composer, and translator. She is well-known for speaking about politics and the position of women in modern society. She affirmed herself as a fighter for women's rights and gender equality.


Babilonska is a fan of various odd jazz rhythms, hip-hop and riffs from which you will get goosebumps. If you can’t visualize how such a combination sounds, you can hear her amazing mashups at Radio Student and at Fooling Around.


After a couple of years at Radio 808 and Radio 101, Ines Rakočević now plays and with her music relaxes on Radio Yammat. You can experience her DJ skills at Zagreb clubs as well. She loves eclecticity in DJ sets, so in her DJ kits you can find underground dance electronics in all "4x4" shapes (techno, house, electro) with hip-hop hooks, her more modern version of trap, indie pop, indie electronics, a bit of disco and soul, but also the rock'n'roll of the new generation.


Mario Koloniæ PytzeK has professionally engaged in DJ-in all his life and in his late thirties, he has almost 20 years of career behind him. He went through all segments of clubbing - the club management, organizing events and festivals, DJ-ing abroad and in Croatia… While DJing he is also co-owner of three labels of electronic dance music with interesting locally inspired names: ‘Burek’, ‘Barba’ and ‘Pomalo’.


For almost twenty years now, Sergio has been devotedly and dignitiously building his DJ career, from his shy drum and bass beginnings in 1998 to today's expert exploitation of a wide palette of all possible music that includes word ‘groove’ (funk, disco, house, etc.). He was hanging around all possible underground places in Zagreb and all over Croatia, from Beli Manastir Trpanj on Pelješac.


Marijan Felver has defined Zagreb's club and house scene as no one has ever before and after, and with his sound he has been bringing audiences to clubs and festivals for almost three decades. His active role on the then emerging scene of house music took him to the UKs most prominent “Wiggle” nights where he, more than credibly, represented Croatian tech-house scene in one of the worlds leading clubs, “Fabric”.

William Collins

He grew up in France, performing at the most famous Paris clubs as well as in Strasbourg, Nice, Cannes, St-Tropez, Vienna, Berlin, Geneva, London, New York. For the last 11 years, he has been the resident DJ in Garden. His choice is Eclectic music (deep house, disco, soul, latin, hippy garden).

Oli Dobolli

Oli Dobolli started DJing in the late 90’s as a hip-hop DJ. Throughout the years, he held various residencies in different venues across his hometown Zagreb, and in the meanwhile, enriched his set with good quality club music - from soul, funk and disco, r&b, roots reggae and dancehall, to house and electronic sounds. Apart from clubs, Oli was involved in the radio scene for a long time, hosting a show on Croatian national radio HR2 and a local radio station.

Iva Starkova

Iva Starkova has been a DJ since 2002 at Irma's Split Club. After moving to Zagreb, she was responsible for music sets in the former club Sirup, and she was organizing parties in the VIP Club. She was absent from the scene for several years. But music has never disappeared from her life, in fact, it has remained in her life and now she is returning to the scene in great style.

Matija Duić

Matija Duić is a longstanding actor of Croatian clubbing scene. Starting as a record collector, dancer and all around music enthusiast, recent years have found him play numerous gigs at clubs in Croatia. His genre is soulful, African American influenced dance music. He can also be found playing deep boogie, soul, afro, Balearic music at various spots, most notably Adriatic Social Club in Split.