Mr. Bjorg

You don’t need to go to the Scandinavia to try all the delicacies as Mr.Bjorn brings them to our Fuliranje. Mr. Bjorg is a winter house where you can try a Swedish Meatball Sandwich, Danish, Swedish or Norwegian hot dog, Leverost Sandwich, Swedish Waffles, Scandinavian Cinnamon rolls, and a variety of other Scandinavian delicacies and drinks that Santa Claus enjoys from time to time ;)



Swedish Meatball Sandwich
Danish Hot Dog
Swedish Hot Dog
Norwegian Hot Dog Wrap
Leverost Sandwich
Smoked Salmon Wrap
Swedish Waffles
Scandinavian Cinnamon Rolls


Glögg - Swedish Mulled Wine
Aromatic Red Mulled Wine
Scandinavian Spiced Hot Apple Cider
Whiskey Winter Tea
Vodka Winter Tea
Gin Winter Tea