Good Food

For Good Food this is their debut season at Fuliranje and we warmly welcome them to our ever-growing family. Their motto is: ‘We want to make you Feel Good @Good Food’ and due to their diverse selection of food, they are often called food enthusiasts. They will always emphasize that they are Universe Friendly as they have a vegan and vegetarian offer as well as gluten-free dishes. Their goal is to share their passion and love for food with other foodies.


Roast Beef Burger
Buncek Burger
King Burger (180g)
Winter Burger (180g)
Salmon Burger
Pastrami Sandwich
Good Sweets – cheesecake, apple crumble, chocolate pot de crème

Side dishes
Fries 200g
Batat fries 200g

Gin and Tonic
Hot Todd (whisky, water, honey, herbs)
Mulled Wine